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Welcome to the Help Center

The Help Center is organized into seven different categories:

  • Ordering and Account Information
    Information on standard and custom orders, invoice payment, reprints, password resets, and the "Client Dashboard" can be found here.
  • File Prep and Submission
    Information on supported file types, preparing print-ready PDFs, bleed, and safe area can be found here.
  • Product Templates
    Information regarding our product templates as well as our "Template Generator" can be found here.
  • Paper, Coating, and Folding Info
    Information regarding the different types of folds, paper, and coatings available can be found here.
  • Proofing
    Information regarding the proofing process, color profiles, and our online PDF proofs can be found here.
  • Mailing, Turnaround and Shipping
    Information on turnaround times, blind shipping, mailing lists and other shipping related questions can be found here.
  • Glossary
    Not quite sure what we mean when we talk about bleed, UV coating, or dpi? Look in the glossary!

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